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Thank you for visiting and welcome to The Odd Cat ~ here to serve all your cat needs!


We are Julie and Kelvin. The Odd Cat's story started back in 2016 and it has always been our mission to sustainably rescue and care for abandoned cats and kittens. Now, we are Bali's first comprehensive cat centre. Click the button below to read more about The Odd Cat's mission.


We provide a cat cafe, professional boarding hotel, event venue, sanctuary and a rescue-adoption centre. We even sell cat food and merchandise! Whatever cat needs you may have, you are at the right place.

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Our Story

Hi! We are The Odd Cat

Since 2016, we have rescued over 600+ and rehomed 400+ cats and kittens. We are dedicated to continue this mission for as long as possible.


We receive requests to rescue kittens and cats suffering from abuse, abandonment injury and neglect every single day. Whether it’s a mama cat with her kittens thrown out of an unsympathetic house or a lost kitten in the busy local wet market, we try our very best to rescue all of them. 

However, we simply cannot do this without a sustainable model. Thus, we are transforming into a comprehensive cat centre for all cat lovers in Bali. We envision The Odd Cat to create long term social impact to end the endless cycle of rescuing. It’s a dream we know can come true & we'll keep working hard to help as many cats as we can.


We are here to serve all your cat needs!

Be it you looking for a trusted cat boarding facility or simply want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the presence of cuddly felines, the Odd Cat is right here for you!We are a professional comprehensive cat centre providing all feline related services in Canggu, Bali. Get in touch and come check us out.

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Premium Cat food & more!

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