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Luxury Room

Our largest walk-in room, featuring private gardens

Deluxe Room

Our deluxe room with three levels of entertainment

Standard Room

Our standard room with two levels of comfort

Make sure you take a look at our Boarding Information first. At the Odd Cat Boarding, we have three different types of rooms:


  • 60,000/day for the standard room (max. 1 cat)

  • 78,000/day for the deluxe room (max. 2 cats of the same family) 

  • 148,000/day for the luxury walk-in room with private garden (max. 3 cats of the same family)

Please kindly note that the above prices do not include cat food and are intended for 1 cat only. Any additional cats (in the same room) would be charged at 30,000/day.

We do not have any other additional or hidden costs such as holiday tariffs, grooming add-ons or senior care rates. However, we can provide services to arrange catering or medication for your convenience too, just ask! 

ODD CAT2_edited.jpg

Want us to cater for your fur baby?

Although we encourage owners to bring in their usual diet for boarding as cats can be sensitive to diet changes, we can also cater for your fur baby for convenience! We have premium wet food & three dry food options available:


  1. Premium Tuna & Sardine: IDR15k/can or IDR320k/24 cans

  2. Oricat: IDR 35k per pack (800g)

  3. Kitchen Flavour (Grain free): IDR 100k per kg   [Recommended]

  4. Royal Canin: IDR 220k per kg

We cater per/can or per/kg rather than per/day, so you can take the rest home upon check out! If you want to try our premium wet food or require less than 1kg, we are more than happy to accommodate, just speak to one of our friendly staff.

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