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Premium Cat Food

Premium Cat Food


Sick of your generic commercial cat food? Try our special canned tuna and sardine mix, your cat will thank you. Natural, nutritious and delivious human grade fish.

One of the best quality wet food, and the only one that most of our cats absolutely love to eat! It is more natural than other typical commercial cat food. Our cats do great on that diet and many people choose to keep the cats on the same diet after adoption because they love it so much. The supplier actually makes canned tuna and sardines for humans. In fact, you will find their products on the shelves of various supermarkets across Indonesia.

Luckily, we are now making this available to the public at The Odd Cat. You can now feed your own cat with the same quality diet!

You can buy 1 can of tuna for IDR15,000, and a box of 24 cans for only IDR320,000. Please kindly contact us for purchasing a box of 24 cans.

What are you waiting for? Your cat will thank you for it! 😻

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